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(I work for Privacy.com)

We do use the Plaid Link widget (as do most other fintechs in the US). We don't touch credentials or handle the bank login page.

Commentary about the state of the US banking system aside, Plaid is pretty much the industry standard way to do instant bank account verifications today. However, we also have options to link with debit card and account / routing number if you're not comfortable with the Plaid route (totally understandable).

What about Yodlee? I'm under the impression that Yodlee is a bigger and much more established player here. Although Yodlee's API certainly isn't great.

It's been pretty widely reported that Yodlee sells user data to hedge funds and others. It's the main reason we didn't go with them.

I developed both Yodlee and Plaid integrations for a customer last year. I remember the Yodlee sales rep mentioning that over 75% of their supported institutions are direct API integrations. Now, this is coming from a sales rep so take it with a grain of salt.

literally this is how bad the industry is where this is an accepted practice? Wow Banks SUCK

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