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I think you haven't quite caught the point of the article. TLDR;

1. Clients refer other clients.. actually they are a network.

2. Set strategy around owning/attracting the whole network.

3. Your customer success team should not just focus on an individual customer, it should focus on building a community – a network around your product.

4. How? Ask, how can we create a bigger community around our product. This adds value to existing customers, makes it easier for existing customers to invite similar people into the community and aligns this community with wanting to use your services facilitating easy referrals from the network over time.

AirBNB doesn't have customers, it has a "Community", they are using this strategy. Visit a host, feel part of the community, increased propensity to refer friends, invite people you meet to also "join the community". Company gains more word of mouth referrals but that's not what were focussed directly on.

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