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> By default, users have a unique tracking/advertising ID attached to their phone.

My understanding is that this tracking ID was a replacement for apps being able to obtain the devices serial number. The tracking ID is unique per developer (edit: not true, it is unique per device, so multiple devs can build a profile on you) and can be reset by the user at any time.

I don’t believe the IDFA is unique per developer (assuming I’m understanding you correctly).

I use analytics in my company’s app and I get my team to send me their IDFA by downloading a free app from the App Store. The IDFA in my analytics is the same IDFA in the 3rd party app.

There is an IDFA (ID for Advertisers) and an IDFV (ID for Vendors).

The IDFV is unique per developer; the IDFA is unique per device.

The device user can reset their IDFA at any time, and if the user disables ad tracking then the device returns 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.

Yes but in practice, users never do, and when they do a reset, fingerprinting employed by most (all?) ad exchanges can make the association without issue.

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