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Show HN: GroWrk – Flexible home workstations for distributed teams (growrk.com)
4 points by cnescutia 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I'm not sure this adds up. Lets use the $69 standing desk as an example. Most companies depreciate assets over 3 years, so if we take that $69/month for 3 years, you spend almost $2500 for a standing desk. And you can get a decent one for a third that cost. So you could re-outfit every remote workers office every year for those prices.

Thanks! Our subscription is meant to be flexible, what we offer is precisely what you describe. We can provide brand new desks and ergonomic chairs every year for as long as needed ensuring that employees always have a great place to work from. When the employee is no longer with the company we take the furniture back, minimizing waste.

Interesting idea but most of the situations I've worked from home it was with stuff scrounged from the main office or.... just from what I have at home.

I don't naturally just have room for my employer to outfit me... although I guess that could be nice.

Thanks! Our solution is being developed with remote first companies in mind. If your employer already sends you a laptop and backpack, why not add a proper workspace for optimal performance too.

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