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Full title:

> «Album of handwritten and printed fonts for draftsmen and students of technical schools» (1906)

> Collected by Mikhail Adolfovich Netyksa

Original book digitized by Russian State Library.[0]

Mikhail Netyksa (? - 1921) was well-known mechanical engineer and teacher in Russian Empire, writer and translator of few popular practical guides covered engineering design and folk crafts.

Bibliography (in Russian):

> Альбомъ писаныхъ и печатныхъ шрифтовъ для чертежниковъ и учениковъ техническихъ школъ / Собралъ М. А. Нетыкса. — М.: Типо-литографія Т-ва И. Н. Кушнеревъ и Кº, 1906. — 15 с., 52 л. шрифтовъ

There are also few other sites that hosted digitized versions of some of his books on YandexDisk[1] and MailRu Cloud[2]

[0] https://www.rsl.ru

[1] http://tehne.com/event/arhivsyachina/m-netyksa-albom-pisanyh...

[2] https://www.dxtf.ru/book

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