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> I haven't used Android in a while but I assume it doesn't have this.

I've started getting these notifications on my Android device.

Each app that makes a location request in the background causes a notification that allows me to take away location access from the app, only allow location access when the app is in the foreground, or always allow location access.

This notification is slightly different: you still get a notification when an app asks for permission. But later on you get a notification telling you that the app has been using a given feature x times, and you have the choice of changing the permission again. For location, it also shows a map of each location gathered by the app.

The same is true on Android, at least for me on my Pixel 4[1]

1: https://www.androidpolice.com/wp-content/themes/ap2/ap_resiz...

Awesome. Can you see the locations it captured?

Yeah, that's what I'm describing.

You get a notification when the application accesses your location from the background.

You're not using the app at the time it makes the request, and you get a system notification telling you about the location access.

I haven't seen a map on Android though. I like that.

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