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Not even close to true. We’re one of the larger clients with Plaid and that’s not on Plaid but the service provider to not provide a manual entry.

Plaid works great and we’ve ran into next to no issues with customers linking Plaid

It's actually pretty rare to not run into issues with Plaid.

It depends on your customers, too.

If you're targeting consumers, Plaid's integration works far better than if you're targeting business bank accounts.

No issues with customers linking Plaid.

If your company is ONLY supporting Plaid then your issue is that your smarter customers are leaving.

I can confirm this. I really want to use the trading platform Gemini but will never cave to Plaid.

Any organization that asks for your personal password is nefariously normalizing this behavior and building complacency in consumers to trust anyone with their private information.

I didn't sign up for Gemini for a similar reason - I couldn't add my BofA account. What's wrong with the old school "take a picture of a voided check"?

So, I'm imagining their errors and suggestions to turn off 2FA?

I need to go back and check, we might be in one of their test groups as I haven’t heard any issues with 2FA. We do a catch-all and based on the error, we prompt the user to manually provide their banking info to proceed.

Worth noting I don’t work for a financial services company so the use case is likely very different than the services you’re discussing.

Apologies if I came off strong, it appears I may be a one-off consumer as opposed to mainstream.

So, I guess, I'm not imagining things as I just tried again: https://ibb.co/KGMhFXF

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