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Plaid and the broader explosion of white-label fintech infrastructure is great. Ultimately, it increases the number of companies that can enter the space and provide more competitive loan management tools, decision engines, identity verification, credit, wealth management, and so on to consumers. License the most complex/costly infrastructure, and then progressively swap out those vendor provided capabilities with internal platforms as they scale up (e.g. Revolut).

There's still lots of problems to solve in the connectivity space that Plaid sits in, and the pursuit of some kind of unified open personal finance data standard isn't really on the table for those steering the big initiatives (e.g. FDX). This is mostly due to the variety of the data and number of players (tens of thousands of institutions). For more on that, this interview with Jeff Leathers, founder of Quovo, a similar company that was acquired by Plaid in 2019 is not a bad listen:


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