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I'm interviewing with them this week. Any advice/warnings I should know going in?

do you think it’s worth it?

imo it’s hard to shake how awkward it is when everyone around you is rich and you’re being offered a regular salary that is now dictated by Visa HR

Also isn't there a chance you'll just get canned soon? The interview pipeline has existed separate from the acquisition efforts. Visa will have opinions on where they want to go from here.

I don't have data, just an anecdote.

I was hired by Sun. Just before my start date, Oracle announced they would be buying Sun. I was worried, but it turns out acquisitions are pretty slow processes. There was months of waiting for government approvals, then months more before the culture really started feeling like "Oracle" instead of "Sun."

In short, there's a decent chance that anyone applying now could be on payroll for months or years before Visa actually meaningfully changes anything about Plaid's workflow.

Brush up on k-means clustering. Also be prepared to drink the kool aid.

I heard a mobile engineer interviewed there and the question was go to wikipedia, implement ^ WITH tests in 1 hour. Lordy, they weren't bashing them because they didn't get an offer were they?

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