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What about OCR'ing (or extracting from an electronic PDF) your bank statement each month and then parsing the data into your desired format? You could add tags, metadata, etc. as well.

I'm thinking of something where you download your statement (usually available in PDF form) and then drag it to a web interface where it then gets OCR'd and processed.

A bit more manual, but the upside is you're not leaking your creds and you should also have access to more data (banks have to provide statements and they usual provide them going back many years).

Every bank I use provides _some_ sort of structured data export (at the very least a csv, and in most cases a more finance-specific format (OFX, etc). I'm not talking "modern" banks here, either (Ironically, the most modern bank I use, Aspiration, only provides exports in a non-standard csv format)

Have you tried AutoEntry? Might be the solution you are looking for. https://www.autoentry.com/

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