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That's fair. 3x valuation growth in the last 5 years is tech company level. More or less the same trajectory as GOOG and FB.

It's not Stripe or Airbnb level growth, however.

That's just a function of their size. I guarantee you that Stripe and Airbnb's growth rates will drop to these types of growth rates if they hit the 100B valuation. The truth is when you are so large, the opportunities for growth become smaller and smaller. It's much easier to grow at high percentages when you are small. Buffet talks about this a lot with Berkshire; he has said he could grow Berkshire at a much higher rate if the company was smaller. Now he has to pass on amazing investment opportunities that are too small for him.

no one suggested that it was.

my point is that it's clearly not a dying dinosaur of a company. if anything, Visa has too much power in our financial system as more transactions are non-cash and non-ACH based.

Well the attractiveness of Visa (V), GOOG and FB is that they are all profitable companies that don't need "hypergrowth" because they own and control their target market.

FB and GOOG own a part of the internet traffic. Almost all of the worlds internet payments goes through VisaNet and is the fundamental processor of these internet payments and have been profitable for years.

Harder to have the same growth rate coming from a much higher base (already being worth about $100 billion five years ago)

% or $'s? You can't eat a percentage.

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