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When I still had to do these, I hated the actual experience of writing them at first, as at FB you were pretty strongly pushed to quantify _everything_. While this made some amount of sense to me, I wasn't naturally thinking of my work throughout the half in terms of how I'd quantify it. I also quickly realized the value (to my ultimate rating) of quantification in that I often my collected metrics directly referenced in my review (saving your manager time is helpful!)

I never got to the point of not strongly disliking the experience of writing reviews, but I was able to make things a lot easier for myself by regularly sharing anything quantifiable related to my work, since I could just look back at what I had shared. It also worked decently well as a forcing function, as I used the heuristic "feels like I have shared anything quantifiable in a while" for "am I sure I'm working on something valuable?"

Note that the above is purely about how I managed the actual experience of writing reviews as an IC at FB, not whether or not it's optimal. My personal opinion is probably that it's a wildly suboptimal system that's still orders of magnitude more effective than not having one at all (for me).

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