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Now THAT is the first reasonable argument I've heard against copyright for such things. Once it becomes easy, trivial, and for most purposes "free" to hit button and make a best-selling novel, a temporary monopoly on that work wouldn't seem to benefit the goal of incentivising future work. Of course, the person/people that built the system may still need some type of temporary monopoly to incentivize refinements, increased quality, genre variation, etc., maybe even the ability to tailor made a novel to a specific individual's tastes for them alone... but I'm not sure "copyright" would then be the best tool for this. I think there would need to be something new and, given that I think copyright terms are already extremely too long, much shorter than traditional copyright.

Thanks for such an insightful idea! I'm not 100% sure which side I come down on, but it's very thought provoking, the sort of discussion that draws me in to HN.

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