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That makes a lot of sense. I weakly believe I'm better at speaking off the cuff, but can "cheat" this by writing a stream of consciousness like how I'd talk.

A similar-ish technique for when I'm stuck trying to figure out how to phrase something: rubber duck saying it without the constraint of needing it to sound fancy/formal/academic/smart, and then remove all the "likes" and make it concise.

The headspace i get into when dictating is that I’m on the phone with someone explaining it. I can pretty easily get lost in the stream of consciousness and the resulting text definitely needs tightening up before shipping.

I think my biggest problem with writing is that i can’t get into the conversational flow and build sentences block by block. It’s exhausting.

I'm glad you've found a solution, then. For me I can get to the same headspace by deliberately writing chattily and typing out stuff like "so, like, then maybe we wanna..."

Do you type fast? I wonder if it could be as simple as i type too slow to ride the word wave.

I'm in the middle, I think.

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