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That's a great idea, I'll have to try it. As a student, what helps me with similar is calling something a "zeroth draft" and just writing whatever crap comes to my mind along with my opinions on the whole process (plenty of them contain lines like "this prompt is so dumb..."). I've found once I have a few pages of crap I'm not paralyzed by where to start anymore. Plus I've never been good at outlining, so I have to write to see how to structure what I'm writing. The zeroth draft is ideally completely thrown out, but in the worst case it can be tweaked and improved and handed in if there's no time left.

I know of no studies to back this up, but based on anecdotal interactions I strongly believe that some people have an easier time writing off the cuff and others have an easier time speaking. I've known people who could speak in complex sentences but lacked the ability to write without significantly more time, and others who could write on the spot but would trip over their words when speaking. I think you and GP are describing approximately the same method of drafting, and which one works better will be highly dependant upon the individual. I don't think I'm contradicting anything you said, just adding my own thoughts.

That makes a lot of sense. I weakly believe I'm better at speaking off the cuff, but can "cheat" this by writing a stream of consciousness like how I'd talk.

A similar-ish technique for when I'm stuck trying to figure out how to phrase something: rubber duck saying it without the constraint of needing it to sound fancy/formal/academic/smart, and then remove all the "likes" and make it concise.

The headspace i get into when dictating is that I’m on the phone with someone explaining it. I can pretty easily get lost in the stream of consciousness and the resulting text definitely needs tightening up before shipping.

I think my biggest problem with writing is that i can’t get into the conversational flow and build sentences block by block. It’s exhausting.

I'm glad you've found a solution, then. For me I can get to the same headspace by deliberately writing chattily and typing out stuff like "so, like, then maybe we wanna..."

Do you type fast? I wonder if it could be as simple as i type too slow to ride the word wave.

I'm in the middle, I think.

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