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Iran Air Flight 655: US tried to cover up its own destruction of a plane (2014) (slate.com)
29 points by stareatgoats 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Note that "cover up" in the case of flight IA 655 meant "making bullshit excuses". (The Navy immediately claimed to have shot down an Iranian military fighter, but on the same day announced that they were wrong and it was in fact the airliner) In the cases of MH 17 and the recent PS752 shoot downs, "cover up" means denying it and destroying the evidence.

Russia continues to deny shooting down MH17, while it took three days for Iran to admit it, presumably prompted by the cell phone footage. Who knows what would have happened if that footage never surfaced.

IMHO the title is misleading.

Did it? It was pretty damned obvious what had happened.

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