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Great article and very concise. I've found myself and my writing "addiction" represented. There are many concepts I couldn't grasps until I tried to put them to paper.

On a different note: does anyone happen to know if that's a standard Wordpress theme? I've been looking to find a simple theme and this (or something similarly minimalist and text-focused) would be perfect for my needs.

This seems to be a static site generator.

http://gregorygundersen.com/blog/2020/01/12/why-research-blo... has a HTTP header last updated on 01/13/2020 04:34:31.

http://gregorygundersen.com/blog/2019/12/23/random-fourier-f... is 01/13/2020 04:34:30, or 1 second earlier.

Also the source code has a link to http://gregorygundersen.com/css/markdown.css which 404's.

For his css files try http://gregorygundersen.com/css/ Better still try his GitHub https://github.com/gwgundersen especially his notebook software https://github.com/gwgundersen/anno

Of course, I could have just checked myself. Highly appreciated!

I just use Jekyll to build a static site (Markdown + MathJax). I wrote the HTML/CSS myself, but maybe I can put the "theme" on GitHub later today.

I built a WordPress theme called Independent Publisher that’s intended to focus on the writing and get out of the way of the reader. I was reminded of it while reading this blog, so it may be of interest to you. It’s open-source and maintained by the community on GitHub—suggestions and feedback are always welcome: https://independentpublisher.me/

Very cool, thank you. I will try it out.

> On a different note: does anyone happen to know if that's a standard Wordpress theme?

Not sure if it was this comment that prompted it, but I was looking for the same and noticed he pushed an empty repo about an hour ago on Github — https://github.com/gwgundersen/blog-theme

Hah, coincidence or inspiration? We'll never know (perhaps we'll know if we ask). Anyways, thank you!

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