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Which cities?

I think it is also different as well because of the climate. HK but definitely a city like Bangkok are a lot warmer and the warmth is more 24/7. In south of Spain or PT it is still warm and you can sit on the terras during the day now, but once the sun leaves it gets quite uncomfortably cold. Bangkok does not have that, so night is actually nice and comfortable to walk around it, shop, get streetfood etc.

Another difference is regulations and hygiene. In Cambodia and Thailand, even in villages you can get up 3 am and wake up someone in a stall (of which there are 20+ in a row, so you can pick) (sleeping in a hammock) to cook you food, get you a beer etc; you cannot do that in the EU.

The climate thing makes sense, but I was thinking about London, Paris and Amsterdam and those aren't very warm :-)

Amsterdam is far from 24/7. Besides clubs and some night shops it's dead as a doornail. London has some more, but compared to some Asian cities I cannot say it is lively at night. Probably really the climate! It is freezing outside in the streets at 3-4 am; in Bangkok that's actually nice as maybe you won't boil at that time (I like the humid hotness but people tend to complain about the heat a lot). Although my favorite EU city Berlin is 24/7 and that's cold too, so it is possible. Paris I have not been for a long time, so cannot comment on that one.

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