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Ingo Swann, the super-psychic whom I posted about meeting [0], wrote a book about his observations of people's sexual energies: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/psychic-sexuality-the-bio-p...

My understanding is that premature ejaculation is strongly related to imbalances in the kidney meridian. I had a female friend who taught me a lot about women's predicaments; she didn't do the "relationship" thing at the time, due to her being traumatized by earlier relationships. I fixed her computer, she bought me dinner, I misheard her say something, and observed her rapidly became "horny". We went back to her house 'cause I'd borrowed her camera earlier in the day...

After first and second base she disappeared into the bathroom. I used the opportunity to hold the kidney meridian's sedating points on my toes and feet. When she came back we had a good time, and I was surprised at myself. The last time we got together I didn't normalize my kidney energies, and I did not last as long as I/she might've liked.

It was a very traumatic not-a-breakup for me (sabotaged by my jealous friend) -- she'd just allowed herself to like me almost like a boyfriend, then she was blindsided by the jealousy. After I determined there was no recovering, I told her that I thought she did actually want a family, even though she'd given up on that hope. I stopped going to the places I thought I'd see her. I think she's doing well now, maybe 10 years later. I see her ever so often (still has the same car). She has the kid she always wanted, maybe 5 years old...

Exploration of the non-physical aspects of human sexuality will be the downfall of materialism, and the mechanical approach to medicine. While this inventor's patch should be relatively innocuous, many are harmed by materialist medicine: https://twitter.com/TaxiCabJesus/status/1215685567121199104

edit: [0] link to my earlier comment about Mr. Swann: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17238552

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