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A list of places to post about your startup/launch (sizle.io)
285 points by jeremysizle 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments

No, no no.

Post to people who will value your idea and give you valuable feedback.

Just trying to get "traffic" is a wasteful and distracting vanity metric. The feedback you get from such traffic will take you further away from building something that really connects with the right audience.

(In the case of the list itself, it is worth posting it to those sites, as the audience at those sites is the target audience for the list itself. Which makes it hard to point out why the list is misguided.)

This is 100% false information.

If you are building a consumer app your base unit is attention. You need to post to these sites in order to even find that “right audience” - so long as you’re not just trying to get people to sign-up for a non-existing product, this is the way.

Yes it’s fun to give people the “just give it to 5 people who really like it, and make sure you keep in touch” advice - but the truth is that for most good devs, their product dies because of exactly this mentality.

You need to learn to push your product as a creator, otherwise you will just straight fail, even if it’s a good product.

This is simply the easiest path to getting initial users to seed the feedback mechanisms that drive feature development.

Do not take the above advice - post your product to every high traffic place you can get your hands on. The users you don’t care about won’t stay, the ones that you do care about will give you information through the channels you hopefully have set up beforehand (i.e. Intercom, Segment, email, phone, Logrocket, Sentry, Datadog).

It’s up to you to then parse out which users are responsive, and if they come from some specific subreddit, you target that. If they come from a specific city, target that. You won’t ever get the data to make the decision of what niche group to target unless you post it to some high traffic source, or you are somehow extremely intimate with one of those groups already, which is often not the case.

So long as you don't confuse users of those sites with potential customers, and you post on these sites understanding that those people will never buy your product even if thousands of them look at what you've made and say they love it, it can still be useful. People often point out accessibility and usability problems, and more general issues like spelling mistakes.

Even if the feedback from people themselves isn't helpful, installing something like Sentry or Rollbar before you post to one of these sites can give you a ton of "real world" data about whether your app actually works.

While I completely agree, for some teams a successful Product Hunt launch can many positive follow on effects, and as unfortunate as it is the PH system works on upvotes at its core. There's nothing better than engaging with the communities that your future users are a part of, but this list is not for product development and UX, purely for helping make a splash on launch day.

Sure, but getting others to write about your project is a huge milestone.

Here is a list that I made for my own Product Hunt launch in December for www.sizle.io after going through a lot of the old lists that exist online and finding the most up to date ones. There is probably a much better way to format this but hopefully it helps! If anyone has any suggestions to improve the list that would be great :)

Cool thanks, I've just updated my own list. If someone wants to save some time, we offer the posting as a service here:


Thanks for posting this. I'm getting close to needing this for a new offering I'm building and have collected a few in my own notes. This is much more comprehensive than what I would have gotten on my own.

I made a similar list at https://submit.co a while ago.

The idea was to provide a definitive resource which was more user friendly than just a bullet list of links.

If you did come across it, I’m curious to hear if you have any suggestions on how to improve it.

Whilst I'm not the OP, I am in the market for something like this, hence being in this thread.

# It's slow, each page load and column sort is 1.7+ seconds.

# It only sorts in increasing order, not decreasing, and if you'd want only one direction you'd likely want decreasing for followers and Alexa rank.

# Categories (Regions, and Platforms) should be faceted, to keep the UI tight consider the pattern employed by Excel for picking column filters.

# URL and Twitter should be sortable.

# Whole and filtered lists should be exportable to CSV.

Whilst these are all UX related, the last one for content.

# Add a "Type" column, this could differentiate between the type of site: "News", "Directory", etc.

This is all possible with a sprinkling of JS, no need for heavy server-side stuff :-)

I hope my partially unsolicited feedback is useful, have a great day.

A few months ago i painstakingly submitted a product of mine to many places listed here. It was 100% ignored while many sites asked me to pay a price so they can post about my site. The general modus operandi is to claim "we get lots of submissions. We can move you up the queue list if you pay $$$."

I agree these sites need the revenue. Just don't claim to be torch bearers for the startup community. Be upfront like ProductHunt which says pay us to get promoted. No harm in that.

Generally speaking, if you’re launching a new project what are the downsides of posting to lots of these?

Thinking about seo, wouldn’t Google downrank duplicate submissions across multiple disparate sites as spam?

Would it be better to try and shoot for the top 5% of these sites with unique submissions (different text descriptions)?

Yes, to both statements.

However, duplicate submissions are starting to become shadowbanned (if the intent is to manipulate SERP), while having your site link on spammy sites is simply a downrank in relevant metrics.

The other corollary is that these sites will likely not have substantial enough metrics -- owing to the amount of outlinks they have to all sorts of low-ranked content -- and so posting your site on them for purely SEO purposes is misguided.

They're better used for organic traffic.

^ This. These links/directories are best used as a 'set and forget for a while' tool so help drive organic traffic over time, definitely not a silver bullet.

The opportunity cost would be better targeted and more thoughtful posts in verticals, "startup" is kinda a demographic but it's not always a great target market.

There's also this[1], although some of the links now 404.

[1]: https://github.com/mmccaff/PlacesToPostYourStartup/blob/mast...

Somebody should make a script that takes some info about your product and auto submits them to each one of these.

Please don't. That's spamming.

Isn’t the goal of lists like these to make it so you can easily submit to all or a subset of them when you launch a product? Automating that process to save time does not make it spamming.

Automating it basically ensures that you don't adjust your submission for tha audience or consider if it is appropriate for the site. That makes it spamming. You can be working manually and spamming too, but automation "helps".

That’s not true. You could require a list of say 50 parameters, and then it determines what needs to be sent to each site and in which format, adjusting for each site.

Technically true, but that's not what "take some info about your product and auto submits them to each one" tends to mean.

Due to this I was almost sure that that list would have one item and be a rude remark about places to post about your startup/launch.

No it’s not.

Yes. Yes it is. . . . (Or maybe it’s not. Or something in between.) . . . . . Ok wait... isn’t Indeed for jobs and MLS for real estate and other aggregators “spamming” also? . . . Ideally there would just be metadata about a project and one button you press to deploy and each side would be responsible for curating what they listen to.

These sites specifically solicit such submissions, correct?


Spam is unsolicited.

automation !== spam

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