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I miss the 6-month iPod release cycle: every September there would be a new full size iPod, and every February there'd be a new Mini or Nano.

Is there anyone else from the old iPodLinux community here? I was actively moderating the forums in 2005, and fixing countless iPods for friends at school/church. These days it seems like everybody's moved to Rockbox. I'm still using a 5.5G with a Kingspec SSD, and lots more gadgets fitted into the space where the HDD used to be.

My favourite story from the iPodLinux days was cracking the 4G firmware. leachbj could only make the piezo work, but nilss then used that to dump the binary by making click noises in a soundproof box, and successfully reverse-engineered the rest of the firmware from that.


That's an amazing story!

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