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SSRI's give me ED. Doesn't matter how long I can go if I can't get the show started.

Which one? I was talking about something like citalopram / escitalopram which is very highly selective. Though I know that ED is a possible side effect even for escitalopram.

60mg Dapoxetine, chosen for its extremely short half-life.

Often combined in a single tablet with 100mg of Sildenafil.

Take 1 hour before if possible. The Sildenafil kicks in before the Dapoxetine reaches peak absorption.

Double-blind cross over with placebo confirms a significant effect (~2x duration). You may find you cannot ejaculate at all at that dose, and end up taking half a pill.

Or you take the full dose on occasion and go for as long as your partner desires.

I have the opposite problem unfortunately. I already could go however long I wanted (and sometimes longer) but on an SSRI I can't ejaculate at all (sometimes not even by myself) despite having stronger and easier erections. Otherwise the benefit is there so I'm keeping at it. Do you have something for that too?

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