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In Cardiff there’s an area called Roald Dahl Plass. It is, to put it politely, prime real estate. The Welsh Assembly is there. It was also a site used in Doctor Who and its short-lived spin-off Torchwood. The fictional location of the entrance to Torchwood has become a shrine to Ianto, a character that died in the third season. A _lot_ of people have left messages and artwork.

I came across this entirely by accident.

Is that still going? I remember seeing the shrine when i visited Cardiff about a decade ago, probably not long after that story. I know Torchwood ignited some particularly fierce fandom at the time, but i'd be impressed if it was still burning now.

It was definitely there five years ago. It was already a long time after Children of Earth had screened. Being a fan I loved discovering it, but everyone that I was with was just bemused.

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