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> Record a video for each chapter and then offer that at a (much) higher price point.

Thanks for sharing. For technical topics, I think reading is much faster and reliable because readers can skim and also copy code. I'm curious why it might be effective to produce a video and price it higher?

Some people are almost completely price insensitive for amounts in the low hundreds. They have a work budget that can be spent on training if they want, picking the better value $60 option wont gain them anything at all, and picking the $250 video option might end up being useful maybe. Like if they don't understand a concept the way its written, maybe it's explained differently in the video. It doesn't really matter. They aren't stopping to think about it. The cost is irrelevant to them and that package lists the most things they get.

People (in general) view video courses as being worth more than an ebook alone. I'm with you on this and personally prefer to consume technical information in text form, but there are many who don't.

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