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> Its astounding how quickly people can forget the mistakes of the past, or pretend that they didn't happen.

> This is what makes me especially excited for the possibility of a Warrens/Sanders...

My friend, I’d like to suggest some historical reading about the dangers of central planning, socialist/communist governments....

There is quite a bit of gap between Grover Norquist style economic policy and central planning. Neither Sanders or Warren are advocating for central planning. George H.W. Bush famously called trickle down economics “voodoo economics”. Prior to the great shift rightward with Reagan most Republicans did not advocate for trickle down and Reagan himself thought the tax on capital ought to be greater than the tax on labor.

Hmm...the 'socialism' of Warren/Sanders is the social democracy of such hellholes as <checks notes> most of Western Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc.


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