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Premature ejaculation? A Minnesota tech company wants to zap it away (twincities.com)
34 points by xbryanx 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Fascinating: in reader mode, their anti-adblock script does a ROT-1 of the text. I thought it was ROT-13 at first…but the DFT (CES) was a giveaway.

Interestingly, it works great without Javascript enabled. :-)

Just use a latest generation SSRI. Works for most people, minimal side effects. People take SSRIs for less, really. If you don't have PE though it makes you anorgasmic.

SSRI's give me ED. Doesn't matter how long I can go if I can't get the show started.

Which one? I was talking about something like citalopram / escitalopram which is very highly selective. Though I know that ED is a possible side effect even for escitalopram.

60mg Dapoxetine, chosen for its extremely short half-life.

Often combined in a single tablet with 100mg of Sildenafil.

Take 1 hour before if possible. The Sildenafil kicks in before the Dapoxetine reaches peak absorption.

Double-blind cross over with placebo confirms a significant effect (~2x duration). You may find you cannot ejaculate at all at that dose, and end up taking half a pill.

Or you take the full dose on occasion and go for as long as your partner desires.

I have the opposite problem unfortunately. I already could go however long I wanted (and sometimes longer) but on an SSRI I can't ejaculate at all (sometimes not even by myself) despite having stronger and easier erections. Otherwise the benefit is there so I'm keeping at it. Do you have something for that too?

Can you name any of the latest generation SSRI? Would taking them in this case make sense if there is no depression etc.

Not seeking medical advice just want some perspective

MDMA works too, and improves just about everything else about the experience.

I was thinking about this: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22030051

Of course you must consult to a doctor, but I've heard them writing those for PE.

Edit: Also found this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17873675

Shouldn't premature ejaculation be viewed as an evolutionary advantage ? After all when presented with the opportunity, the male has to get in there and get the job done quickly before you get eaten by lions.

That is such a shortsighted evolutionary view of sex for many reasons but two immediately come to mind:

1. Sex in humans clearly has a social role between the mating. Because they raise the child together for the first few years of the child's life, having a positive, loving relationship with each other is important. It is part of the reason that oxytocin is released during sex -- to facilitate social bonding.

2. There is emerging evidence that there is an increased chance of impregnation if the woman has an orgasm. Thus, having the guy last long enough to get her there actually increases the chance of offspring and thus survival of your genome.

My broader point (and frustration with your point) is people way too often reduce evolutionary advantage to a hyper-simplistic single dimensional thing. While, yes, it all comes down to propagating your genome, when you add in social creatures living in groups, the incentives / game theory becomes so much more complicated.

Have you ever tried to make a baby? It can indeed be done in one go, but many couples require several before it works.

Before people had a (correct) theory of pregnancy, they would not know the best time of the month, which orifice to use, and a bunch of other confounding variables.

When I made my first kid we were mistaken about the best time of the cycle. As soon as I googled it, it worked.

Evolution isn't about advantage or disadvantage but probabilities of passing on genetics. And we solved the lion problem millennia ago.

Until you take into account the alleged role of female orgasm in upright walking species.

Not only do they apply a CSS blur to the text when the nag modal is open, but they even scramble the text:

> Uibu’t xifo b qfstpobm nbttbhfs dsfbufe cz tfy-ufdi gjsn Mpsb EjDbsmp ibe b DFT bxbse sfwplfe, boe xbt cbojtife gspn uif dpowfoujpo gmpps po uif hspvoet pg “jnnpsbmjuz, pctdfojuz, joefdfodz ps qspgbojuz.” Uijt qspwfe tp dpouspwfstjbm uibu, npouit mbufs, DFT hbwf cbdl uif bxbse.

But looking over the page, there's clear patterns. Maybe it's a simple shift of every letter +1.

Using https://rot13.com/ and the ROT25 option resolved it.

It's a simple shift of every letter +1.

Dont forget to breathe.

Ingo Swann, the super-psychic whom I posted about meeting [0], wrote a book about his observations of people's sexual energies: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/psychic-sexuality-the-bio-p...

My understanding is that premature ejaculation is strongly related to imbalances in the kidney meridian. I had a female friend who taught me a lot about women's predicaments; she didn't do the "relationship" thing at the time, due to her being traumatized by earlier relationships. I fixed her computer, she bought me dinner, I misheard her say something, and observed her rapidly became "horny". We went back to her house 'cause I'd borrowed her camera earlier in the day...

After first and second base she disappeared into the bathroom. I used the opportunity to hold the kidney meridian's sedating points on my toes and feet. When she came back we had a good time, and I was surprised at myself. The last time we got together I didn't normalize my kidney energies, and I did not last as long as I/she might've liked.

It was a very traumatic not-a-breakup for me (sabotaged by my jealous friend) -- she'd just allowed herself to like me almost like a boyfriend, then she was blindsided by the jealousy. After I determined there was no recovering, I told her that I thought she did actually want a family, even though she'd given up on that hope. I stopped going to the places I thought I'd see her. I think she's doing well now, maybe 10 years later. I see her ever so often (still has the same car). She has the kid she always wanted, maybe 5 years old...

Exploration of the non-physical aspects of human sexuality will be the downfall of materialism, and the mechanical approach to medicine. While this inventor's patch should be relatively innocuous, many are harmed by materialist medicine: https://twitter.com/TaxiCabJesus/status/1215685567121199104

edit: [0] link to my earlier comment about Mr. Swann: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17238552

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