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Lessons from the Cuckoo's Egg (davefernig.com)
30 points by dlkf 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

An awesome book that does still teach a lot of valuable lessons. Sadly, pretty much the same lessons it taught back when it was written. Maybe more people should actually read it.

This is Cliff Stoll’s bread and butter now: https://kleinbottle.com/

I read this book a couple of weeks ago. I found it gripping and exciting, and read it very rapidly. I recommend it.

I, too, just read this, but while I found it quite gripping, it repeated bits of info over and over, making it quite annoying when reading it in a short space of time. Would have worked well as a weekly serial in a newspaper, but needed a solid edit before going into novel form. Good story though.

I also read this book a few weeks ago after having stumbled upon it in a HN reading list somewhere. Though enjoyable, I have to agree wholeheartedly with your statement about it being pretty repetitive. It started off really good but I was happy when I finished reading it.

When I had my little ISP in Phoenix way back in 1993, I would give a copy of this book to every new customer (along with a copy of Trumpet Winsock).

Ah, Trumpet Winsock - and then Windows 95 spoiled that party!:)

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