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Snag great investors at first OAF Philly (apply deadline next Fri) (gabrielweinberg.com)
57 points by epi0Bauqu 2353 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

I'm really excited to bring Open Angel Forum to Philly for the first of what I hope to be many times. We've put together a great list of angels that are all actively (and independently) looking to fund good startups and add value to them. A few notes:

--You do not need to be in or near Philly to apply (just US).

--I'm actively looking to bring in startups from underrepresented places.

--Application link: http://ye.gg/oaf

It's weird that this isn't on the front page, 40 points in 2 hours, did I miss it?

I believe it was banned for some reason (yet unknown to me).

That is mind-bogglingly dumb. Your karma is in the 5 digits with a healthy average comment score (although I think the average comment score is completely bjorked, mine jumps between 2.5ish and 4.25ish all the time and that type of variance is just ridiculous given that my comment karma is greater than 2000).

I can host a "Ask PG: ..." for you if you want that to go onto the front page and hopefully get unbanned.

I'd appreciate it. My best guess is voting ring detection code. I shared it with the startup community in Philly and it could have been multiple votes from same IP or something. After it got banned, I tweeted about it, but that was after. It seems to have gotten banned early, like at vote 9 or 10.

For whatever banning reason, it would be nice to have it unbanned because I do think it is a great opportunity for startups. Note that I also emailed pg about it, but haven't heard anything back.

Ok, I'll make it now (sorry for the delay, I got into a discussion with my cofounder).

Don't worry about it -- I got a response from pg -- voting ring detection.

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