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I argue that it does, as someone doing a search for competitors or alternatives might be caught unaware if this is a blind spot for them. For example, you have Drivy (bought by GetAround... a while back?) and yet you're missing a large portion of the CarShare landscape. Do you count Zipcar? (Avis-Budget group, but the largest player and running EVs in London). Maven? (GM) DriveNow/car2go? (BMW, and EV-centric in Europe) And that doesn't even get into smaller players like Innova (EV-focused) or BlueLA (LA-only but EV)/BlueIndy/etc - or Autolib/Cite Lib/Carma...

* Full disclosure: I'm employed by Zipcar. But I'm also an alternative transit geek in general.

I second the point that it's helpful to know the actual landscape, so the division within GE should definitely be listed. After all, if they end up contributing something positive it deserves visibility.

And your mention of Zipcar, Maven, etc makes me think it'd be great to include the entities that own or fund each organization. Definitely means there's more information to hunt down, but crowd-sourcing can lessen that pain.

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