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I am developing a generic data flow programming tool, it is only view and the model or engine can be added on top of it.

If you want to use it I am more then happy to help: https://github.com/fibo/flow-view

Do you have a working online example? The links don't seem to work (404 or blank), and I'd like to see whether I should try it if I at some time get to write a dataflow graph config tool sitting on top of timely-dataflow. Especially because I expect to use it for a sizable event processing graph.

Thank you for the feedback, I restored the online example here: http://g14n.info/flow-view/examples/basic/

I am also working on an engine that is able to run javascript code: https://github.com/fibo/dflow

Currently I am working on a rewrite and I will use flow-view to create custom nodes, for example nodes that have a canvas or a graph inside (images a SinOsc node with a graphic preview). The engine is able to order nodes by level and run them usinng the graph order, it is not an event based engine but every graph compiles a JS function.

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