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I don't know but since they seem to be a member of the Berne Convention, it doesn't differ largely from of US?

The Berne Convention isn't that precise. For example, consider that collections of information are copyrightable in most of Europe and not copyrightable in the US.

That's distinct from copyright, and even named a "sui generis right" (meaning "of its own kind").

While at the same time:

> The TRIPS Agreement [which the USA is part of] requires that copyright protection extends to databases and other compilations if they constitute intellectual creation by virtue of the selection or arrangement of their contents, even if some or all of the contents do not themselves constitute materials protected by copyright.


So I don't quite understand whether data sets like OpenStreetMap or Google Maps are copyrightable in the USA. (Note that this concerns the underlying data, not the graphics like map design or street/satellite pictures.)

Also, we don't have fair use here in Australia. My partner loves reminding me that the development of a search engine like google is illegal here in Australia.

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