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I think it would uncelibate them, at least.

I'm not sure that's really their problem. My impression that is that incels are really aggrieved about lack of status, not lack of sex. Getting sex by paying for it doesn't solve that.

It’s kind of how Japan solves the situation. Compensated dating let’s professional men and women simply have someone to hangout with, as well as have sex with.

Celibacy is just one of their many problems. And it's really more a consequence of their other problems, mainly emotional immaturity and anti-social behavior.

Also I don't think sex workers should have to deal with incels. Sex workers are people too, and they deserve to be shown a basic amount of respect by their clients, just like the rest of us.

Isn't it up to sex workers who they wish to deal with? I'm not sure why you're assuming that incels wouldn't show them respect, given a legal context (because the whole point of making it legal is that it protects sex workers better and implies respect).

Because incel culture oozes with misogyny. Look at who they've literally canonized, for example: https://jezebel.com/saint-elliot-rodger-and-the-incels-who-c...

It wouldn't necessarily. Is the only thing keeping them from using prostitutes the fact that it's illegal?

But say it did: would it reduce their propensity to violence?

They are not very approving of prostitution, so that is unlikely. Don't take the name they have selected for themselves at face value.

It would not — it’s not how the mindset works

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