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Weight, there is an inverse relationship to lift for single wing (*copter) crafts. Once that dji lands, the drone would need to add power which either it doesn’t have or will kill its battery before ending its mission. The DJI won’t know the direction the drone is going so it can’t “add lift” in a meaningful way. Also you have no idea of the blade configuration and you may not even be able to land atop these things!

A better option is to outfit the DJI with a thermal or nightvision lens and have it track the drones. Also a DJI is probably a bad choice if the drones are industrial in nature and larger than the DJI (thus faster and longer lasting power source).

I’ve thought about being that rogue drone operator for 5 years now, but the one thing that always stops me is forensic analysis. Shoot one of those drones down, do some part analysis to see who manufactured it and when, where it was sold etc and you whittle your search area down to a few thousand people. Not hard for the FBI/DHS/FAA/FCC to figure out who you are. Let me say this differently, if this where a question of national security the drone operators would be found within days

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