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Telega.el: GNU Emacs Telegram client (unofficial) (github.com)
103 points by demiol 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

“Telega” literally means “cart” in Russian. In crime jargon it also means “written complaint” or (very rarely) “telegram”. I appreciated the name.

It's also has wide usage as synonymous of "Telegram app", I guess it's the main reason behind naming.

> (very rarely) “telegram”

More like almost always.

May you reconsider changing your title screenshot [1]?

Now it contains chat references to porn & other 18+ channel with obscene language (in Russian).

Not exactly thing that you want to send to your colleagues.

[1]: https://github.com/zevlg/telega.el#screenshots

I appreciate that people are writing Emacs apps that demand SVG support. It should be enabled in the official Homebrew MacOS Emacs.

Cool to see a follow Telegram developer on Hacker News! We're building an unofficial Telegram client for business users & teams, also using TDLib and the Telegram API. It's a great ecosystem to be in (we're long Telegram!)

Nice work!

Interesting this sounds like the opposite of what I want.

In my opinion the Telegram Desktop and Mobile apps are the best in class, way better than anything else.

What I think would be a great addition would be re-using those opensource apps for work related chats, but using Matrix as the chat service, with working E2EE.

I'm interested in that - we use the official telegram app for work but I can see where it can be improved. You can email me when you launch admin at shasnam dot ai

Hey Alessandro - just got your survey response, thanks for signing up.

Happy to give you access to our preview version. I'll email you to coordinate.

Would be interesting to see a vim Telegram client as well, if it's possible at all.

Might be better to capitalize the T in telegram, I thought this was a novelty project that literally lets you send telegrams.

I’m sorry but what is the point of this?

When I started programming lisp, I was more or less forced to use Emacs. I hated it. The benefits of slime and paredit made me stick to it, but God I found it awful.

But over time something happened. I gradually realized that Emacs does everything I really want from a computer except painlessly browse the web. It was everything I ever wished for an OS to be.

The lowest common denominator of what I do on a computer is text. Text happens to be what Emacs does. Better than everything else, in my opinion. It is like if someone took all the time spent on other things and spent it all in how to efficiently manipulate and to some extent present text.

The more things that lets me stay in this wonderful text-centered world and the atrocities that is most modern OSes the happier I am.

The only thing I dislike about Emacs is that I can't configure Mac os to stay enough out of the way to let me forget it.

One more component for emacsOS.

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