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“difficulty, struggle and suffering are inherently worthwhile, more authentic and character-building”

Is there any research on this topic or is this just your opinion?

What is “research” supposed to mean in this case? It’s a philosophical proposition, one that has been expounded by thousands of cultures throughout history. If anything, justification for an easy, hedonistic life is the rarity.

Insofar as that is purely a philosophical proposition, there is nothing there for society to recognize - you might consider struggle and suffering worthwhile but you can't make that judgement for anyone else.

Wow that paragraph is like the poster child for the logical fallacy called “appeal to tradition”.


I don’t know if you’re looking for an actual discussion or just prowling around for opportunities to link to logical fallacies. Assuming the best intentions...

My question stands: what does research mean in this case? Are you looking for a scientific study which confirms or denies that “difficulty is more authentic?” It is a question beyond the purview of science. The arguments for such a view would be found in philosophical and religious texts.

Not that I necessarily agree that espousing your viewpoint requires research, but it might be constituted by studies showing correlations with more difficult but meaningful lives and long term contentedness/happiness, or with traits we generally see as positive, such as honesty.

It would be a circular exercise. Defining what is considered positive, for example contentedness, is itself a culture-specific value. There are and have been plenty of cultures which consider other values more important. Even then, defining happiness is itself not a scientific endeavor.

Ultimately you end up at philosophy or religion.

keiferski, I would guess research mean examining patterns of individuals faced with poverty and those that didn't in their childhood. Are people grown in poor household with lack of healthcare and struggling diseases better than those who didn't and lived relatively comfortably? If you learn something from facing difficulty or suffering then how does it materialize? What form does it take?

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