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Pointers and references practice (2019) (frainfreeze.github.io)
45 points by frainfreeze 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

> "This page contains set of challenges that you can go through to test your understanding on the topic."

Let me tell you that none of those problems are challenging at all. They're entry level stuff.

Challenges aren't universally challenging. They have an audience that they're aimed at, and presumably you're not in this one.

+1. Pointers are the pain point for beginners in programming generally and sometimes for those who switch from other languages. This article is good start point for them to catch up if they need to.

It's true. It took me ages to understand indirection, and I didn't fully understand its purpose until I was presented with a programming environment that didn't have it. (Programming a PDP-8 with machine language.) I created my own pointer system and tada, the light switched on.

I agree. I thought this would go more in depth but it resembles a practice review that you would find at the end of a pointers and memory chapter.

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