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Use BPM/BPMN? (Business process modelling)

Not answering you question directly, but it’s a way of doing something similar.

A whole set of enterprise tools do things like this, and I’ve worked a bit with bpm workflow engines that kind of does this in a standardized way.

> BPMN models are expressed by simple diagrams constructed from a limited set of graphical elements. For both business users and developers, they simplify understanding of business activities' flow and process. BPMN's four basic element categories are:

- Flow objects: Events, activities, gateways

- Connecting objects: Sequence flow, message flow, association

- Swim lanes: Pool, lane

- Artifacts: Data object, group, annotation


You can use web tools to draw processes and, execute them on a compliant engine:


Camunda comes to mind, as an open source alternative, but if nodejs is your thing there a a couple of BPM engines in the works, eg:


As with anything graphical based - if it doesn't fit the purpose exactly, it will become a pain in the end.

I remember I had to do one project at my university. I hated it. I still wonder if there is a successful product out there which I made through bpm. I doubt it.

Same here, actually... well, not uni, but as a consultant and employee. It’s “ok” if you own the whole lot, but I have yet to see a hand-over in an enterprise setting work out well, and bring speed and agility. In many ways, for an enterprise, json and web api’s is a good enough abstraction to work with the machines.

Tangential to this - Netflix made Conductor as a kind of in-house workflow engine, and uber built Cadence, if you want more codified control.

Wheels keep getting re-invented! :)

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