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It is interesting to see a list of organizations compiled in one place, to get a sense of what is going on in the world.

But I read the headline wrong. I saw the words "Mapping" and "landscape", and was expecting actual maps. I thought I'd be looking at visualizations of where in the world each organization is having an impact.

Same here, I expected a list or map which gives an user the ability to see which organizations or projects operate nearby. It would be really cool if you could see which projects are nearby and you might be able to participate in. I really like the idea though. Hopefully your site will inspire others.

The "map" You are looking for already exists :) https://kartevonmorgen.org/ https://github.com/kartevonmorgen

Definitely interested in indexing orgs, events, and jobs by location once we have that data!

Not a geographical map but https://oneplanet.com/ has a tool to visualise the connections in a sustainability plan.

We used to maintain an actual map of climate-impactful orgs on https://Climate.Careers. Very few people used it, so we took it down — but we still have all the data of course!

Thank you for the feedback! Maybe "indexing" or "cataloging" would be a better term here.

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