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Harvard Just Discovered That PowerPoint Is Worse Than Useless (inc.com)
18 points by DyslexicAtheist 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Shouldn't it say "presentation slides are <judgement>", it doesn't seem like the point specifically applies to PowerPoint. (also anecdotally having a bad presentation with or without a tool doesn't matter, having a good presentation seems to help having visual aids and mediocre presentations would be helped if they stopped following terrible advice)

This is hardly a new revelation. Edward Tufte, whose books about the presentation of data are well known, wrote a thin pamphlet around over 15 years ago that was essentially a rant against the use of PowerPoint presentations. See:


Maybe, but Whats worst than useless are Inc. clickbait articles.

You might be interested in Gene Weingarten’s Pickin’ up where the Apostrophe Protection Society left off,


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