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Anyone invest their time learning something like this and have it pay off? Interested in success stories I suppose.

(Edit - I mean something more like nodes.io)

NodeRed. I’m pretty good at it by now. We use it in our hackspace for home automation and at work for prototypes.

Link with video: https://nodered.org/ It's an IBM side-project built for IoT.

That's how it started, but it's now an independent project of the OpenJS Foundation. And it isn't limited to IoT - it can be used for any event driven application.

(Disclaimer: I'm the creator and project lead of Node-Red)

I made anither comment about the blueprint editor in UE4.

It helped me both rapidly prototype things and learn UE4 design patterns / practices. Some of the core functionality and perf related things I'll bang out in cpp but for most things I stick to blueprints.

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