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This entire article tries to use an abundance of idioms and truisms to hide that there is not a lot of substance here. And the little substance present is confused.

The article is all over the place. For instance, the author worries we're going to end up in a world with both a debt crisis AND hyperinflation. However, none of the current debt is inflation-adjusted, so how can companies be unable to pay off their debt when they have tripled their revenue(due to hyperinflation).

He completely misunderstands the quotes from Larry Summers and the CEO of Deutsche. He believes they support his case when they have the exact opposite worry. Imagine you live in a house with a heater but no thermostat. The furnace is failing, so even on a typical day, you crank the heater up to its max setting to keep warm. Larry Summers and the Deutsche CEO worry that now the heater is maxed on a typical day, we have no spare capacity for a cold front. The author is worried that since we maxed out the heater that we're going to overheat because he doesn't understand that there is an intermediate step between adjusting the heater and making the house warm.

> I leave it to folks with advanced degrees in mathematics to model and quantify this hunch.

All you need to understand and dismiss his concerns is to have taken an intro to macro class at your local community college.

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