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Ask HN: How does one get started in Product Management?
15 points by kpennell 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

There is no straight way in to it I think, everyone I know kinda slipped in to it from being a founder, tech lead, UX guy, project manager etc.

Assuming you want to get in to product this means where you are now is also important (always make the biggest step towards product you can until you are there).

Within one organization, if there is a lack of product management, it is often easy to just become the one who does this kind of stuff. Be the one with the best structured meeting notes and become the one writing the specifications.

Product management is also a very broad field, in the amount of disciplines it includes, but also in the difference in actual work done under that name depending on where you work.

You will get stuck thematically in one industry easily even if your general skills translate well, because it's the one distinct specialization there is within product.

The other thing is that you have to work on filling your biggest knowledge gaps, hardest if where you are working now neglects certain product work. This could be AB-testing and analysis, social skill and team leading, technical understanding, UX and design, stakeholder management, lean and agile etc...

On the other hand you can get away with some gaps depending on where you end up. A back-office or even API product doesn't need design, a strong technical lead could mean less team leading and a strong founder might mean less conceptual work. Where you fit best and what job you can get you just have to try out during job search.

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