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Hot Chips Symposium – Keynotes (2019) [video] (hotchips.org)
45 points by Ice_cream_suit 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

The full proceedings and videos from other sessions are also there on the front page: https://www.hotchips.org/

Recommending Upmem's video:


They produce some RAM with an ARM core inside, in the same silicium. So, instead of fetching some bits to the CPU (650 pJ), they allow some computation to be done locally (150 pJ cost).

Some programming models are at the moment already prepared for that kind of computing: Spark's MapReduce worloads (and other associatively expressed computations); in which the Map portion becomes practically free and instantaneous.

Spark could be configured to have 32 MB partitions, and all workloads expressed with .mapPartitions() can be pushed to the RAM chunks (which are 64MB in size, and let's say we reserve the other 32 MB for storing the results)

There’s a small part of me that was hoping this was from a conference about spicy potato chips

I thought it might be the band Hot Chip, I was glad to see artists involved in science!

And I thought this was about integrated circuits without a power budget.

OT but such a lovely band

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