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I don’t think it’s a weather thing...it’s cultural. Same in places warm year round like LA.

Cafes aren’t typically open late at all. And sure movie theaters are open but not really what I’m thinking about when I think of nightlife...

It definitely started as a weather thing--there's a reason they're called "night markets" in Taipei: after the sun sets is the only time its sensible to go outside in the summer. A lot of times the markets are actually closed during the middle of the day.. which is not that dissimilar to the situation in southern Spain, for example.

But you're right that it's mostly cultural, and I wish we in the west had a culture of keeping family activities open outside of normal business hours.

huh? cafes stay open late in LA. even most starbucks are open to 10 or 11pm. a number independent cafes stay open to 11pm or midnight, with some doing things like poetry/art/music/other events in the evenings. there are a bunch of independent theaters, resstaurants, and (outdoor) shopping areas that stay open late. even museums (e.g., the getty) have nightlife events going on.

it’s less “there are things that happen to be open late” vs things that are intentionally meant to be open late.

nightlife is still very much optimized for single adults who like to drink here, and just pointing out in Asia you have districts that only come alive at night and have a lot of things to do that don’t involve drinking at a bar.

Reading at a bar is like a “happy path” in some ways...people want other alternatives than just standing around a loud crowded bar on a weekend.

  The reason is cultural is because the weather forces you to do things at afternoon/night when it has cooled down. 
  I definitely believe that the culture has been influenced by the weather so ultimate it's the weather.

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