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For those interested in this approach, I encourage you to read about the OG cancer immunotherapy, Coley's toxins:


Approaches like this have been tried for a long time. Some of the best are using actual viruses, such as oncolytic viruses - see this recent article:


As a non-native speaker, I see OG and think "original grandfather", and that apparently isn't super far off, what does this mean? Sorry for the redirect.

Originally OG meant "original gangster", but now it has come to mean something like an early adaptation.

I've read a number of times over the years that OG was 80s slang for "old guy" (or "an old G"), and that the 90s Ice T song was a play on the older usage. Don't know if there are any citations though.

It’s means the original players or the previously dominant people/organizations which laid out the foundation.

I just read it as "original"

I always read OG as "old guard", a literal translation of the Portuguese term "velha guarda", which has a similar meaning (the oldest people at a Samba school, something like "seniors"). Since I've grown with Samba, OG = old guard = velha guarda was an intuitive translation, I never though of looking for a different expansion.

While it started as an acronym for "original gangster", it's now used as simply "original".

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