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Bars in places you least expect them can feel like an oasis. I recently discovered many Nordstrom’s have bars, with rather tasty cocktails. I’m happy to oblige the occasional shopping trip now.

I was walking with my wife in the mall today and she said "Does Nordstrom have a restaurant in it?" I looked up, and ahove the entrance was a broad window with tables behind it. Surprised me. I had no idea.

The one at powell in SF is surprisingly good for the price. It's one of my sleeper hits.

Discovered this after being dragged along on a multi-hour shopping trip. Wife and daughter did their thing while I sat in the bar, drank scotch and watched a game.

What Nordstrom(s) have a bar ?

> many Nordstrom's

One no apostrophe(or if Nordstrom's Rack then apostrophe after the s). Two, I have never in my life been in a Nordstrom that had a bar, where are these?

Edit: Sorry for the grammar stuff, I just passed TOEFL.

> Sorry for the grammar stuff, I just passed TOEFL. [1]

Congratulations for passing that!

It is difficult to know when to offer a spelling or grammar correction and when to just let it go. Especially if you are new to the language and excited about what you have learned. Will you be helping someone who isn't sure of the right way to spell it, or was it just a simple typoe?

After all, pretty much every native English speaker has trouble with where to put the apostrophe's.

So my friend, welcome to our wild and funny and inconsistent language that we call "English" but draws from pretty much every other language in the world and inherits all of their quirks.

p.s. I also want to know which Nordstrom store has a bar!

[1] "Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL /ˈtoʊfəl/ TOH-fəl) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities."


He's right, though. "Norstroms" is valid. You didn't need to make such a condescending comment.

> "Norstroms" is valid.

Well, strictly speaking, that may not quite be the case, eh?

> You didn't need to make such a condescending comment.

Now you have me at a disadvantage. I honestly did not mean any condescension. I meant the comment as light-hearted, humorous, and supportive advice. The mention of "typoe" and "apostrophe's" was in that spirit: even those of us who grew up speaking English often get it wrong.

The wonderful thing about English is that even when you do get the "rules" wrong, it may still be cool as long as people understand what you meant.

If I said something that came across as condescending or mean-spirited, could you help me and share the specifics, so I can do better next time? Thanks!

> You didn't need to make such a condescending comment.

I didn't find anything in their comment condescending, it seemed quite helpful.

I know better, but auto correct on my phone doesn’t. I gave up fighting with it long ago. Latest iOS seems to correct things twice before giving up which really pisses me off!

My fingers are larger than average so it helps more than it hurts, for now.

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