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Remembering Elizabeth Wurtzel, a Proudly Difficult Person (thecut.com)
21 points by samclemens 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

One of those people I look at and think, "I wish I had the balls, I could get so much done."

And I finally have an entry for the female column of my "List of Brilliant Assholes Whose Assholery People Forgive Because They're Brilliant." Maybe we are making progress.

I genuinely don't understand why we glorify people who act like this - regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or race.

People like this harm others in their blind pursuit of what is later described as "genius" - and yet plenty of people attain similar success without harming or wronging others in the process just sustaining an ego they associate with success outcomes.

In a world seeking a path to justice we’d see men’s propensity for violence trend towards the level of women’s, rather than women’s trajectory rising toward that of men. The latter is not the equality justice should seek.

David Foster Wallace's harrowing story "The Depressed Person" is supposedly based on Wurzel. (I learned this from a HN comment! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12746364)

> She cycled, proudly, through jobs and agents and editors and publishers. She could treat people badly. She’d blow deadlines and be rude and endlessly dramatic. More compassionate friends chalked it up, most of the time, to mental illness and drug addiction or understood it to be the collateral damage of her life force.

Please don't be this person.

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