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Really? I assumed vaccines wouldn't destroy healthy tissue.

Tumors aren't healthy tissue. My guess is that an immune system on high alert in an area is more likely to notice bad stuff that otherwise gets ignored.

One effective way to get your immune system to kill warts is to induce a low grade infection in the wart. The immune system will "notice" the virus and kill it. If you just freeze them off they are likely to reappear elsewhere because the virus is still present.

How do you induce an infection in a wart?

There are probably multiple ways but the way I read about is to use a pumice stone to scrape away the top layer of skin - doesn't hurt because the skin is dead, and then keep it covered with something like duct tape to prevent it from breathing/healing normally & quickly.

Asking for a friend, right?

No I just wonder how.

> Tumors aren't healthy tissue.

Well, they're tissue that isn't fulfilling its design goals. They're perfectly healthy, sadly.

Freezing them also turns on the immune response.

Vaccines don’t destroy tissue, period. They activate the immune system, which may or may not react to the vaccine by destroying tissue.

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