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Ericsson has another philosophy where there connect multiple repos at ci/cd-time. They have open sourced a tool for that called Eiffel [1]. There is also a book [2] written by the author of Eiffel that is quite good. One of his argument is that when, as an enterprise, you buy a company with a big mature code base, you can’t just move it into another common repo with all custom tooling (also very anti agile to force everyone into the same suit). A big difference though might be that Ericsson deals with a lot of custom hardware for telecom networks. So their ci tooling might be more complex than google’s. Also, continuous deployment is not really an option for them. Then it is better to just have each piece sent out events on what’s happening (builds, test runs etc) and let event listeners in other parts of the ci/cd pipeline work out what to do.

(I have worked for Ericsson previously for 7 years but that was before Eiffel)

[1] https://eiffel-community.github.io/

[2] https://www.amazon.com/Continuous-Practices-Strategic-Accele...

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