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I'm a retired programmer and now Uber driver in Silicon Valley so I often talk shop with my riders. I was giving a guy a ride to make a pitch for his product to a Japanese company. He related that his biggest challenge so far was when Walmart licensed his product and they insisted it absolutely could not be hosted on AWS so he had to transfer over to Azure. Obviously Amazon and Walmart are competitors and that might apply in many other situations.

I feel like you should start a YouTube channel. In that area I'm sure you have a lot of interesting conversations with technical people, and entrepreneurs trying to make it

Some passengers use the ride as a confessional or just to vent. I feel it would be wrong to share too much about what they say. It seems like an unwritten rule. I don't have a front/rear view dash cam like a lot of drivers advise because I appreciate these conversations and don't want to inhibit them.

Of course you would get their permission to record them!

But he wouldn't get Uber's permission. It's against their terms of service to record passengers.

It’s not. They’re even mailing out stickers to warn passengers they’re being recorded in Toronto.


>for purposes of safety.

But then:

>Uber and Lyft confirm drivers can’t broadcast videos of passengers after a string of privacy incidents


I doubt if they'd speak with much candor.

At a minimum I would follow his Twitter account if he's sharing stories.

Sometimes people are careless and I get inside information but I'm smart enough to know that and not act on it.

What happens to passenger-driver confidentiality?

I drive for Lyft and Uber and no one has ever said a word about it. I think it's just understood.

Work for a company that provides software for Walmart among many others, AWS was a no go from day 1. It was between GCP & Azure and Google has a way of not listening to customers so that experiment ended quickly and we're on Azure now.

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